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Welcome to The ARK Academy Schoolhouse
the official site of The Educare Foundation, Inc.
(IRS certified 501c3)
...working together to serve children and families
at "The Modern One-Room Schoolhouse!"

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Families looking for car-pooling opportunities and
willing to participate in ride-sharing, email us a note! 
Working together makes it possible for more people to work together!
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  Join us at the Community Science Fair, Art & Talent Show!
Theme:  "Sharing Gods Hope Through Different Means and Medias"
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Accredited and Non-Accredited School Programs!
Home School Partnerships and Support
Flexible Schedules!
Tutoring and Special Helps Available!

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  Tax deductible donations may be made and mailed to:
The ARK c/o The Educare Foundation, Inc.
Post Office Box 425
Harvard, Illinois  60033-0425

To The Mentoring Gardens Program

What about Market Missions? Read all about it!
Mentoring Gardens Market at is a site developed by
The ARK and The Educare Foundation, to offer communities a chance to get involved in their goals
of teaching students to think creatively and to develop solutions in their communities.
 Learning how to do this in a creative, clean and sustainable way is essential!

New: Mentoring Gardens!
Edible ideas from scratch to your table....encouraging hearts to grow & to care!
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Free School Curriculum - List in Progress
Looking for a specific book? Email us! We have many in stock!


The Educare Foundation, Inc. is an IRS Certified 501c3 Non Profit in
Good Standing with The State of Illinois, and USA. Certificate available on request.
Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
The ARK c/o The Educare Foundation, Inc.
Post Office Box 425
Harvard, Illinois 60033-0425

ALL donations received are put directly back into running the programs,
toward scholarships, or educational and program exp

We sincerely thank you and appreciate your support!

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November 02, 2015
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